Elaine Orion

Comedian. Satirist.


Elaine is a comedian, writer, and podcaster based in Chicago. She performs at Zanies, Riddles, and tours throughout the Midwest. 

She often focuses on sociopolitical issues in her act with clever twists, original angles, and fearless edge. The Elgin Review praised her for "intellectual humor with attitude... on subjects that no 'mom jeans' comic would even dare to touch."


Elaine first started hitting stages in Houston, but before comedy, she was paid to stand in front of teenagers and talk at them all day. Occasionally she made them act out comedic sketches she wrote (disguised as "lessons" in case the principal asks). She's also been a spreadsheet monkey and a professional token foreigner. She's likes traveling the world, but only where the dollar is strong, and holds a couple of college degrees she's not really using.